Past Clients 


Hotspot VPN Work Description:


  • Marketing - Upsync was put into the upfront of marketing and product growth for Hotspot VPN. This included weekly written blogs on their website, daily posts on social media, and biweekly giveaway/promotional events of their product.

  • SEO Management - Upsync was also responsible for increasing Hotspot VPN’s backlinking, link-mapping, and SEO-boosting through unique content.

  • Upsync will be continuing with Hotspot VPN in Fall 2019.


WeXL Work Description:


  • Diverse creative collaborations to improve the world by connecting emerging storytellers, engineers, and artists from underserved communities to mentors and resources

  • Marketing - UpSync was tasked to create marketing materials in the form of one-page condensed prospectus’ for different types of clientele including corporations, municipalities, and other non-profits.

  • One of the prospectus’ prepared by our team was to be used in a presentation for Microsoft by WeXL.


Lollicup Work Description:


  • Lollicup project members analyzed Google AdWords data. Members were responsible for identifying keywords that produced the highest conversion rate.

  • Restricted ads - Since Sunday had the highest cost per conversion, members restricted advertisements with the least conversions on Sunday’s.

  • After identifying the keywords, members created visualizations and wrote reports for the data. Based on the reports, members found specific keywords for targeted promotional campaigns.

  • Analysis - The team did a competitive analysis and analyzed the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Our team identified and created a new marketing campaign for Lollicup and discussed ideas for video content promotion. 

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