Past Clients 


Red Cinema Digital Work Description:


  • Application Development - Developed a Linux based connector application for the RED V-Raptor Camera and Adobe’s Frame IO (a cloud-based collaboration platform).

  • UI/UX - Designed Figma mocks for application and built working MVP to help RED iron out user experience decisions.

  • Market Research - Worked alongside Adobe to understand similar applications that already exist and various functionalities that our application must provide. 


Google Work Description:


  • Competitive Analysis - Analyzed internal help desk strategies at competitive technology companies and third party servers. Presented actionable insights for incorporation of machine learning tools to optimize online traffic and employee-agent interactions.

  • Strategy - Provided Google with comprehensive written deliverable outlining an innovative streamlined process that prioritizes time-efficiency and user satisfaction.

  • UX Research - Designed strategy to address user needs by reducing resolution time, increasing self-serving opportunities, and automating the employee-agent interaction by incorporating artificial intelligence.


Home Depot Work Description:


  • Competitive Analysis - Worked with The Home Depot to provide analysis of the industry landscape and key competitors regarding their new technology and development.

  • Strategy - Provided The Home Depot with prescriptive analysis, changes, and strategies to assist in entering and penetrating  a competitive technology landscape they had not previously been a part of.

  • Data Analysis - Conducted a survey and research to provide The Home Depot with a more concrete perception of how potential changes to their brand and name might be received by the Silicon Valley community.

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