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Past Clients 


Intuit Work Description:


  • Collecting Data - 40+ Zoom calls with Intuit POC's in each phase of the data science life cycle and also collected documentation scattered across various internal sit.

  • Site Mockup - Utilized Figma to create a mockup of the new documentation portal and developed stage diagrams for each phase of the life cycle as an easily digestible summary.

  • Collecting Feedback - Reached out to new Intuit employees (Data Scientists and MLEs) who recently underwent the onboarding process and presented our Figma mockup and collected feedback on design, content, and organization.


Google Work Description:


  • Competitive Analysis - Analyzed internal help desk strategies at competitive technology companies and third party servers. Presented actionable insights for incorporation of machine learning tools to optimize online traffic and employee-agent interactions.

  • Strategy - Provided Google with comprehensive written deliverable outlining an innovative streamlined process that prioritizes time-efficiency and user satisfaction.

  • UX Research - Designed strategy to address user needs by reducing resolution time, increasing self-serving opportunities, and automating the employee-agent interaction by incorporating artificial intelligence.

Atlassian Work Description:


  • Branding Strategy - Proposed new branding strategies based on competitor research and successful case studies; suggested improvements revolve around brand architecture, iconography, taglines, and advertising structure.

  • Marketing/Tailored Strategy -Ideated new marketing strategies that focused on specific corporate teams, generally applicable business teams, and students; key messages to be used alongside the strategies were brainstormed as well.

  • Confluence <> Trello - Created potential use case examples that marry together the best parts of Confluence and Trello through real-life examples; three example profiles were created, each with their own pain points and needs

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