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Increase your influence at UC Berkeley


Partnerships with UpSync

As a student organization built here at UC Berkeley, we are surrounded by countless bright and ambitious minds. By partnering with us, you gain access to the resumes, contacts, and Linkedin profiles of countless prospects from our club. At the highest level, we hold info-sessions and recruitment events on campus.

How it Works

When partnering with us, there are several levels of engagement and contact. With a total of 3 levels, UpSync offers different services and access. Look to the diagram on the right for details.

Tiers of Partnership


- Access to Email addresses, and resumes of all prospects and club members


- Access to benefits of the bronze tier, whilst also adding on zoom info-sessions / recruitment events (strictly online)


- Access to benefits of the silver tier, with in-person info-sessions and recruitment events (case competitions, hackathons, etc.)

- Choice of project work from our team


Our Mission

Although we are focused on producing great consulting work, as a college organization at UC Berkeley, a huge priority of ours is making sure our members have access to future careers and making a professional impact here on campus. If that can benefit clients and encourage career development at UC Berkeley, we're all for it. 

Partnership Inquiries

Interested in working out a partnership? Contact our team below:

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